• Dimple Mehta is an esteemed author, mindfulness coach, and parenting expert. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, she sowed the seeds of Soul Diets Foundation.
  • Soul Diets Foundation is an esteemed institution working towards the hope of a healthier society. We at Soul Diets specialise in Mindfulness and Character Strengthening. We focus on the balance within with emphasis on promoting happiness.
  • Our vision is to promote community mental health. We believe all have their own unique path in Life and it is by practicing Mindfulness we clearly see what will take us there
  • Soul Diets facilitates your progress through trainings and workshops. Our programmes follow a drama-based pedagogy focusing on psycho-educating the participants about concepts ranging from innovations in education, mindful learning, to value systems, the art of listening, and dwelling on the questions of inner peace with its relation to mindfulness.
  • Positive psychology holds the vision of facilitating individuals in cultivating meaningful lives enriched with positive experiences, positive individual traits, and positive social institutions.
  • But what do we mean by meaningful lives? What characterises as fulfilling, and which traits or experiences qualify for such? The answer to these questions produces a plethora of responses, but for most people, it ultimately comes down to acquiring a sense of significance, satisfaction, contentment, and thriving to be the best version of one's self, all of which can only be achieved by developing a deeper understanding of one's self and surrounding.
  • We, at Souldiets, are dedicated to this mission whole-heartedly. Elements like mindfulness and character strengths have empirically been proven to be in the foreground of this quest to create fulfilling lives, and we aim to troop closer towards a happier society with each event.
  • For this purpose, we offer a variety of services to train students, teachers, and NGOs. In our workshops, we combine the vigour of mindfulness with the elegance of theatre to produce a variety of positive outcomes and innovations in education, pedagogy, lifestyle, and organizational commitment.
  • So far, in our journey, we've been privileged to have worked with the warm families of TERI, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, Army School, JIMS and NDA Cadets, amongst many others.
  • We're extremely grateful to have heard such a positive feedback from these esteemed organizations. Their kind words truly inspire us and make us look forward to grow with new endeavours in our pursuit