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Corporate Training

Being a leader is always a work in progress. A good leader seeks to unlearn and learn the traits required to create a happy and creative work environment. The art of practicing mindful leadership is definitely a quality crucial to your leadership development. Soul Diets Foundation conducted a session with Accor Plus where we shared some traits to balance the leadership practice mindfully.

What if being unhappy with our jobs is making us less productive and ultimately less successful Work doesnt have to make us miserable. Mindfulness is one tool that limits the amount of time one spends in worry, anxiety, and rumination, and can contribute significantly to happiness, wellbeing, and overall mental health.

Emotional connections between employees are critical to creating a sense of belonging and achieving common goals. Interpersonal skills such as empathy compassion and self acceptance enable collaboration in distributed and cross organizational teams. One way to show compassion is to take time to adapt. Another is to organize informal meetings between managers and new employees. A great session on mindfulness Leadership training with Airbnb where we examined the issues they face to be an effective leader and how to work in a mindful way when nothing is working.

All of us understand the importance of listening when communicating with another person. However, in an environment where multitasking is highly praised, we can easily forget some of the basic ideas behind good listening the most important of which is being fully present and hearing what the other person is saying. Being a mentor, and being mentally present is critical. So it makes sense for both mentors, and mentees to practice mindfulness.

School Training

Learn how mindfulness, happiness, character strengthening helps to reinvent your mind, body through different practices. Soul Diets Foundation takes immense pleasure and happiness to change the lives of people and make them aware of their surroundings.

Institutional Training

The outcomes of a meeting or workshop can be greatly improved by having a knowledgeable, professional facilitator lead the session. A knowledgeable facilitator may encourage a group to concentrate on the problem at hand and assist them in coming to better decisions more quickly.

Performing Poetry is an art to learn where students can use these techniques to develop a response and not a reaction to them. Poetry is a rich language resource and our educators should be wellfurnished to place verbal skills at the heart of their English language applications. Providing fine ways to collaborate, cooperate, and uniting our children.

The role of a Teacher in Education helps in shaping the dramatic process and developing students learning. One can use various creative techniques to make students understand different concepts in a more impactful way.

A teacher needs to be aware enough of the Lesson plans and the Thumb rules of a class. A lesson plan is a detailed description of the instructional strategies and learning activities to be performed during the teachinglearning process.

Focus is a skill that enables us to act without interruption and to keep our attention and effort up until our goals are accomplished. Focus enables us to pay attention and maintain the effort and energy required to hit our aims and achieve our goals and dreams in the face of distractions and difficulties. We may increase our clarity, pay attention to what matters most, make better judgments, and increase our effectiveness by becoming more focused. Despite the noise around us, we may learn to strengthen our attention and increase our level of concentration by practicing mindfulness.

Drama in education relies on engaging students in the fiction of their own creation, which provides a form of advocacy that is educational rather than a therapeutic perspective. In this sense, drama creates a space for participants to understand the world they live in. Drama gives educators the opportunity to teach their students in a way, which would create love for learning. It provides valuable problem solving, social, and creative skills. Drama embraces a childs imagination and emotions which in many classrooms are shunned.

Group Training

Mindfulness practice, work, and leadership should be viewed as an activity in the middle of many activities. It requires self awareness, awareness of others, awareness of time, and awareness of the quality of ones efforts. Instead of viewing success as reaching a certain position or reaching a certain status, we encourage future leaders to view success as a positive change in the lives of colleagues, organizations, families, and society as a whole.