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Change is no magic. One needs to adapt to certain habits, behaviors, beliefs, attitude and values for driving change with purpose and maintain consistency in that practice.

Everything around us evolves and this evolution is a by-product of the change. The pace of the change and its adaptability decides the growth of the change. Thus, corporate that is not driving change with purpose, has to be ready for heated heap of suffering at professional front.

Managing change is a critical factor of success, leading to desired outcome or not, depending upon its execution process.

Grounding In The Present

To make sure that any important information is not missed to incorporate process of change, it is mandatory to inculcate people towards grounding in the present. This is where mindfulness comes into practice and screens out all day-dreaming, stressors and reminiscing thoughts that are synonymous to distraction when we talk about change.

Organisations flood employees with so many mixed messages on what is important, in fact most of the time they claim that everything is important which makes it impossible to know what to truly focus on. They often overload their employees with so many priorities that nothing remains a priority and hence the organisation has to bear the consequences due to lack of focus on specific goals embarking sense of apathy and burnout among the employees.

Realm Of Perspective

Every being has their own realm of perspective as to how they see, observe, understand, analyze and narrate their own part of reality and these perspectives are formed via their own past experiences of life, beliefs and values that may hinder the growth at times. Any and every leader requires a wider lens to the realm of perspectives of others to incorporate the understanding of their reality and beliefs and eliminate the obstacles being source of hindrance in growth and change.

Growth Mindset

There is too much buzz about the growth mindset in the business market and everywhere on social media. Growth mindset is not any rocket science, rather it is all about driving change with purpose and right attitude, to be open and curious at the same time, embrace being a beginner over being an expert, to listen and look for opportunities to learn and grow.

Deal Or No Deal

Your attitude towards any situation or person can either make decisions favorable or destroy everything. It’s a deal or no deal situation. But to make any deal that counts on your part, as a leader, it is your moral duty to be in the right attitude and focusing on what is important in that moment.

Therefore, to successfully embed change, adoption of mindfulness is an important key aspect for any organization.