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Beyond Sight: Unlocking Leaders Vision Towards Possibilities

Do you believe what you see, or you see what you believe?

Every eye holds a story, yet every eye narrates a different story. It’s the same eye that carries the picture of reality in our brains and it’s the eye of the brain that holds the capacity to carry our life. But from not what we see, but by how we see. As a leader having a vision is to see something that does not exist yet has the potential to become a reality.


Restricting the Flow of Vision

Sense organs are about inner perception of our external world and vice versa, when we put our vision in context of leadership. It’s the ability beyond Sight leaders vision the future beyond restriction but what is it that still restricts the mind to expand. It’s the experiences of the past visions that we hold in present which stops us from believing in the new possibilities, it majorly and subconsciously restricts us to try new perceptions and we end up repeating in the same pattern of business, like whatever we see we record it in our mind and till how much duration we hold the vision impacts our decisions.

Sometimes we feel hard to let go some of the scenes of life be its good or bad and that stops us to the natural flow of ideas. In our mind we hold onto many perspectives from the past experiences and whenever we get any unicorn opportunity to jump into a new vision. We usually tend to lose it because of the fear of losing the vision we earlier believed into. A leader only grows if he/she aims to become a better person from the past rather than using the bitterness to oneself, to employees and its organization. The past vision which we carry had a chapter to learn and complete, and by not turning the page to the new visions of life we fail to leave our impact as a great leader.

Observe and Absorb

If as a leader we avail the power to go beyond sight leaders vision that doesn’t serve the good in us we automatically tune ourselves into the present moment. The state of being present in our vision and mind it is eventually a present for us in life. When we are at the most attentive state and fully delved in a moment we see beyond our sight.

We absorb the whole nutrients from the environment we been viewing. for example in a metro usually we see people on phones or talking to someone and others thinking about something. Usually people view this scene as it is but as a mindful leader in the same scene. We would be more aware of the crowd and would surely get some idea to implement in the organization. Learn about people and trends that can be creatively utilized in the favour of our organization.

Clarity and Purpose

While a leader is quiet observant in his/her viewings, he/she moves ahead towards the path of clarity in life. Having a clear vision of what we want, is a huge impact a leader creates in his life and of others. Many face problem in knowing what they want and what they can give, that’s the reason they lack purpose. We usually see people looking through others vision and believing in their viewpoints which eventually leads to fulfilling their purpose. This differs us from not being a leader but a blind follower spending whole of our life in searching value.

In the process of being observant in the moment we connect with our inner ourselves, we realize our purpose and that is how beyond sight leaders vision their future. This allows us to bring clarity in our lives, we get the ability to see the bigger picture, identify opportunities and obstacles. Become a guiding light to others that illuminates the path forward. Like the eye visualizes the world around us, visionary leaders visualize the outcomes they seek to achieve.

Vision Inspires Action

We as leaders are always ready to make a move, to make a change but change can only be enabled. When we perceive our senses through growth mindset, everyday life gives us an opportunity to see some same set of things from different perspective and act uniquely. As, we act how we think and we think what we see. We embark on the potential to make our visions into strong reality, we inspire the world around us. The sense organ eye not only allows us to perceive growth in business but also enable us to empathize with others. Through visual cues and expressions, propelling the organization towards the realization of their shared vision.

In the realm of leadership, the visionary leader’s use of the sense organ eye is not confined to mere sight. It is a beacon that illuminates the path to greatness, and transforming one’s own vision into reality, shaping the future with its remarkable ability to perceive, visualize, empathize, and empower to achieve extraordinary outcomes.